“Options is a welcoming place. They helped set me up for success at university. Thank you, Options.” ~Alicia

“Options helped me find my self-worth and provided me with the tools I needed to apply and find employment.” ~Crystal

“I was considering a career change . The hours I was working were affecting both my physical and mental health. I remembered an agency that had helped me return to work to work when  I was recovering from a clinical depression in the  early  2000’s. This time I did not feel depressed, but was  overwhelmed by choosing to stay with the work  I was with or find another. When I met Options Employment Outreach Inc., my counsellor let me talk and talk and talk (I talk a lot). She was knowledgeable, encouraging and kind. It took a couple of months but I have a new employer. I am happy and working reasonable shift and hours. Thank you, Options.” ~Wendy

“My experience with the team at Options Outreach has been great. I was able to get information on programs and support available and we were guided through it, allowing us to make the best possible decision going forward.” ~Liam

“We had great help from Trudy, an employment counsellor at Options Outreach. She and the team were instrumental in getting support for our son. Our questions were answered clearly and thoroughly. She went to the extra effort to follow up with third parties to ensure we were looked after. When we had a question and left a phone message or email we got a reply or follow up very quickly.” ~Bill

“I have no words to express my thanks to Options Employment Outreach Inc., who provided me with hearing aids that I could not afford myself. I am now able to keep my job long term and I am able to do a better job, now that I can hear my clients. Once again, thank you for helping me.” ~Carla

“With the help I received from the team at Options Employment Outreach, I was able to find the right fit for me!” ~Paula

“After a head injury, my career lost its stability. I felt lost with an uncertain future. I needed an advocate. Options filled that role which also gave me a renewed confidence in myself. My future is no longer uncertain.” ~Andrew